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Blais Cross

Welcome to my online classroom.

My name is Ms. Cross. As a Bisbee High School graduate, I am honored to be returning to share my love of learning with the Puma Pride!  I am a highly qualified Math Teacher of over 17 years with a Master’s degree in secondary education, as well as a current participant of the Noyce Borderlands Master STEM Teacher Fellowship sponsored by the University of Arizona. One of my professional goals this year is to empower my students to embrace a growth mindset in mathematics while providing a safe place for exploration, collaboration, and reflection.

I believe as an educator and a role model, it is my responsibility to create a stimulating structured learning environment where adolescents are challenged to establish a growth mindset. Supported research suggests that when students adopt growth mindsets, their academic achievement increases, and they gain a “greater sense of free will.” This excites me, because students, then remain in a constant state of evolution, and are able to develop problem solving strategies, critical thinking skills, and intrinsic motivation.

I support student engagement by implementing classroom management techniques and educational strategies that encompass a “culture of kindness” while promoting good character, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship and trustworthiness. Ultimately, I am able to lead by example when I am teaching in the classroom, and I believe this has a positive impact on the lives and attitudes of my students.   

There are many different types of learners and it is important for me to acknowledge the diversity in each class, especially when it comes to teaching complex math principles. Therefore, I make it a priority to become familiar with each of my students' individual learning styles so I can scaffold new concepts on prior knowledge using the most effective method of instruction possible. Embracing this philosophy allows me to better meet the educational needs of my students. It also provides valuable insight about students’ strengths and weaknesses, varied levels of motivation, and cultural influences. 

Communication is a critical component in building professional relationships. Each day behavioral and academic expectations are clearly established which promotes successful classroom management and application of differentiated instruction on a regular basis. 

I prepare lessons that relate to technology as much as possible, while integrating college and career ready standards and real world application problems. This approach to math instruction fosters growth of critical thinkers that are not afraid to tackle open ended problems and persevere in solving them. 

Through my own hard work and perseverance, I strive to reach every student where they are, introducing them to the notion that they, too, can be good at math. By creating an academic environment that empowers students to engage in self-discovery and self-reliance, each individual can begin to actualize their personal goals, in order to reach their full potential. I consider myself to be an enthusiastic and creative educator ready to bring my expertise back to the high school that I graduated from. I look forward to making some great new memories at BHS!

Blais Cross

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