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Seth Polley

Welcome to my online classroom.

Hello Young People,

For the forseeable future, this is how we are going to interact for USAZ class. I’m going to post readings, show some videos and film, give you assignments that you can turn in on this site, etc. Let’s be patient with each other. I’ve neve taught school online. I’ve taken some classes this way, but teaching you online is new for me. I think it could be intereresting and as long as the Corona is a threat, it will be necessary.

First, here is my contact information Use this email to get to me: . I’m going to try and get a Facebook page for you as well, but  for now anyway, use this website to do your classwork for USAZ. 

Be strong. Take care of yourself and loved ones. Fight the Corona.


Seth Polley

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BHS 213
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9:30 am -10:30 am